Brand: Saffron London
Product Code: Shiny Nail Foils 006
Availability: 24
SHINY NAIL FOILS: EXTEND FASHION TO YOUR FINGERNAILS  Last up to 9 days, 100% Shiny, Zero Drying Time, Zero Smudging.  16 Pcs of adhesive Nail Foils to fit all Fingernails and Toenails.  Instructions: 1.Ensure the nail is clean and dry before application. 2.Select appropriate size for nail. 3.Peel of the sticker and apply on nail, starting from one side and finishing on the other. 4.Smooth sticker over the nail, paying particular attention over the curved areas. Use a hairdryer, for best results, to heat the sticker whilst smoothing over the nails. 5.Trim off excess with scissors and buffer for a perfect finish.  11 Designs to choose from.