Saffron Body Brush
Saffron Body Brush: A short stem with wide rounded bristles with a super soft feel. Allows wide spre..
Saffron Concealer Brush
Saffron Concealer Brush: A brush to pinpoint specfic areas that need extra coverage...
Saffron EyeShadow Brush
Saffron Eye Shadow Brush: Use to apply and blend colours on the eyelid and highlight the brow bone...
Saffron Fan Brush
Saffron Fan Brush: A multipurpose brush to sweep away any excess product or gently apply powders..
Saffron Foundation Brush
Saffron Foundation Brush: The flat structure and rounded tip of this brush is perfect for applying a..
Saffron Gift Box with 8 Pieces Makeup Brushes
Saffron Gift Box Contains 8 Different Makeup Brushes: Fan Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Stipple Brush, Sla..
Saffron Pro Sculpting Brush
Saffron Pro Sculpting Brush: A thich bundled brush with a slightly angled end which fits perfectly i..
Saffron Slanted EyeShadow Brush
Saffron Slanted Eyeshadow Brush: Tapered brush perfect for shading the eye socket...
Saffron Slanted Foundation Brush
Saffron Slanted Foundation Brush: The angled cut allows you to build up coverage creating high defin..
Saffron Stipple Brush
Saffron Stipple Brush: Flat topped duo fibres, ideal for buffing and blending colours...
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